Why FRyDoM?

FRyDoM is a physics-based modelling and simulation framework dedicated to complex marine platforms, structures, systems and operations. 
Built on a powerful multipurpose multibody dynamics numerical core, its object oriented modular architecture is designed to be embedded in a large range of applications; from embedded systems to Virtual Reality Solutions.

Implemented in modern C++, FRyDoM is released under open source a GPLv3 in order to provide a high-end framework to the marine community. This open source version is called FRyDoM-CE.

D-ICE Engineering is currently developing training session programs that will help you to master FRyDoM-CE framework. Please contact FRyDoM training (frydom-training5317be42-e68a-4f56-af84-b207861d30c4@dice-engineering.com) for more details.

This work was carried out within the framework of the WEAMEC, West Atlantic Marine Energy Community, and with funding from the Pays de la Loire Region

Open source - FRyDoM Community Edition (CE)

FRyDoM is a free software released under the GPLv3 license. As a new user, you must register at register.frydom.org to access the Gitlab service to get the Git repository and to access the forum . If you want to contribute, you will be requested to sign a Contributor License Agreement. Please contact Francois Rongere (francois.rongere7b27cd54-accb-46e2-9d3e-cd8570783f5e@dice-engineering.com) for more details.

FRyDoM-CE is registered at APP (Agence de Protection de Programmes) under IDDN.FR.001.130009.001.S.C.2019.000.10000

Commercial License - FRyDoM Enterprise Edition (EE)

FRyDoM may be released under other licenses for closed commercial softwares or solutions. Moreover, additional advanced features are available and currently developped by D-ICE Engineering. Contact the company at frydom88b3a943-bc1b-4b45-8509-4371d04f30b0@dice-engineering.com for more details.

Published on December 13, 2018 Updated on August 27, 2019